Brady Trucking

Using targeted advertising, they were able to keep their trucks on the road to success.


Brady trucking used C Squared Social's lead generation campaigns to recruit the qualified drivers they were looking for to fill their trucks with a 62% increase in lead volume in just 3 months!


lower average cost per lead, compared to industry average


increase in lead volume


lead to hired driver ratio


Brady trucking started with humble beginnings, but with hard work and lots of industry knowledge they have built a solid company that has stood the test of time with over 30 years of experience in the trucking industry. Their fleet of over 250 trucks dominates the field. They are proud of their reputation of being the one of the safest and most reliable carriers in the United States.


Keep on Trucking

Brady Trucking’s goal was to fill open driver positions in a cost effective way to be able to keep their large fleet running at full capacity.

C Squared Social has changed our business. The staff helps explain the technology, they are competent and available at a moment’s notice. The leads they serve are quality and at the volume we need (our needs vary greatly month to month). I highly recommend partnering with C Squared Social for your targeted ad delivery needs.

Jason Crowell

Recruiting and Retention Manager, Brady Trucking

Their Solution

An integrated collaboration

C Squared Social collaborated with Brady to get a road map to reach their goal of filling the positions they needed to be able to keep the company growing with new business. C Squared used their expertise in digital targeting to identify the perfect candidates based on requirements that Brady had for each position. These ads would find their way in front of the targeted audience and catch their attention. They might be scrolling thru facebook, listening to music on Spotify or reading the latest news on their laptop. Once a candidate clicked on the ad, they were directed to a lead form that could easily be filled out to start the interview process.

Brady Trucking then used C Squared Socials exclusive app, Notifi to be able to manage the large volume of responses they received. By setting up automated responses, follow up emails and texts, Brady was able to move quickly and efficiently through the leads to get to the candidates that were the best match for the job.

Working with Client Success Specialists at C Squared they were able to stay informed and track which ads were performing the best and adjust accordingly throughout the campaign.


Brady trucking was thrilled with the results! They were able to meet and exceed their hiring goals. In the 3 month period of Oct-Dec 2018 their initial campaign they saw:

  • 62% increase in lead volume
  • Cost per lead 51% below the industry average.
  • Hiring rate of 1 driver per 10 leads

With all these new drivers, Brady was ready for all the new business and plans to continue to add their fleet now that they have found a successful cost effect recruiting tool.

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