Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Measurable results and consistent increased sales? Talk about a success story with decadent results!


This Multi-Unit operator used our sweet marketing tools and advertising expertise to run targeted Facebook ads to increase sales and reach a whole new audience of potential customers.


average increase in sales on promo day vs non promo day


average customer count increase on promo day vs non promo day


average number of new customer visits on promo day


Chocolate Entrepreneur

After Reed Peterman graduated from college with a business degree he knew working for corporate American was not for him and began pursuing opportunities to open his own business. Settling on the chocolate franchise Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory he opened his first location in Las Vegas inside the Orleans hotel. Energized by the success of the store and the exciting challenges of entrepreneurship, Peterman quickly continued to expand with multiple stores in 3 states including opening 2 co-branded stores that featured self serve frozen yogurt.


Delicious business propositions

To consistently increase sales through strategic promotions and introduce new customers to the brand and product.

I had tried so many forms of marketing, mailers, coupon pack, print advertising but I was never able to see actual results. I decided to give C Squared Social a try and immediately was able to see the measurable results that I was looking for. I could use their geo-targeted advertising to be able to run B2C campaigns to our local communities and know that I would see consistent results of new customers walking through the door which also lead to increased sales, even during our slow months. The C Squared team is amazing to work with, I know I have access to experts in the field of digital advertising.

Reed Peterman

Franchise owner, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory


An integrated collaboration

C Squared Social recommended several promotions that they knew would be perfect for getting new customers into the chocolate stores. Once Peterman established the most successful promo for meeting his goals, he worked with his C Squared Social Client Success Specialist to design a custom promotion calendar. This allowed him to plan out the monthly promotions based on each individual store’s goals and business flow. Once it was set C Squared managed all the set up and posting of the promo and targeted ads leaving Peterman to be able to focus other aspects of his business and not having to worry about the marketing component. The promotions were then targeted to be in front of new customers that weren’t familiar with the brand, lived within a close radius to a store and were interested in other similar types of products. This targeted advertising approach allowed Peterman to get the most from his advertising budget, targeting the exact audience he was looking to engage with.

Peterman also took advantage of C Squared text blast marketing to send users a bounce back coupon right to their phone once they visited the store to encourage a repeat visit. This also continued to build RMCF customer database with phone number that could be used for future promotions and customer loyalty programs.


Over a 6 months period Peterman saw measurable success and exciting result! By using C Squared Socials targeted social media advertising, RMCF was able to see a 87% increase in customer traffic during the promotion days with an average sales increase of 68%. The results also showed an increase in customer traffic even on non-promotion days, showing his base of loyal repeat customers was growing due to C Squared’s marketing strategies.

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