Wicked Cupcakes

Sweet results with C Squared Social as they looked for leads to help their franchise expand.


Wicked Cupcakes worked with C Squared Social to find potential franchisee with targeted social media advertising.


lower average cost per lead compared with franchise portals


contact response rate from leads


increase in leads in 3.5 months from launch


Cupcaked Entrepreneur

After mother-daughter team Tracey Noonan and Danielle Vilagie took a cake-decorating class together, they turned their passion into a business and launched a cupcake store in the small town of Cohasset, Massachusetts. To fill a growing number of orders from out of town, they invented the portable “cupcake in a jar” to safely ship to customers. Wicked Good Cupcakes stores and trucks are now popping up all across the country.


Delicious business propositions

Wicked Good Cupcake’s goal was to generate leads for its new cupcake franchise while reducing the cost per lead

C Squared Social has allowed us to reach customers similar to our current audience that we would normally not be able to reach at a cost that is extremely affordable. This has created a very economical conversion funnel that has been instrumental in driving new customer acquisition and growth.

Scott Noonan

COO, Wicked God Cupcakes

Their Solution

An integrated collaboration

Wicked Good Cupcakes worked with C Squared Social to carry out the campaign. To automate the lead generation process, C Squared partnered with Facebook Marketing Partner Zapier to follow up with people who might be interested in starting a Wicked Good Cupcakes franchise.

Capturing potential leads C Squared created photo and video lead ads that reached people in the catering industry who were also looking to start their own business. To find them, the team selected audiences by interest in and reconnected with people whom the pixel indicated had visited the franchise section of its website. It also ran the ads based on geography to reach people attending a specific franchise convention where Wicked Good Cupcakes was exhibiting. With our automated tools and processes Wicked was able to:

  • Subscribe new leads to its email newsletter or company marketing list
  • Capture new leads in its customer relations management tool or other contact management app
  • Assign new leads to a sales team member via email or text message (SMS)

Frosting on the cake

The ongoing lead ad campaign brought Wicked Good Cupcakes more leads at a lower cost per lead. In the first 4 months, the May 30–September 15, 2018 campaign achieved:

  • 94% lower average cost per lead, compared to franchise portals (websites that help find sales leads for franchises)
  • 24% contact response rate from leads
  • 48X increase in leads in 3.5 months from launch

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