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Blueprint is great for almost any business. Spread the word and benefit from our affiliate program.

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Start earning money with Blueprint without an upfront investment. It’s passive income.

$2000 per referral

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If you have an online presence, a fresh take, or unique content, we would love to chat! 
Our affiliate program is designed for people to make money and help others grow.


Monetizing your content feed doesn’t have to be a ton of work. 

Show others how great the Blueprint is and enjoy growth on your preferred platform.


Have an online audience that could benefit from a clear marketing strategy? 

Let’s get together and build a partnership.


Building websites is your jam. But your clients want marketing, too. 

Send them our way and make a little extra on the side.

Marketers &

Show off your expertise in the marketing space by partnering with us. 

Referrals help everyone thrive, grow, and develop.

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Give your contacts a unique code for 10% off their Blueprint purchase.

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Making $2,000 is as easy as making a warm email introduction. We handle the rest.

Why C Squared?

Recognized as one of the fastest growing marketing companies, C Squared is an exciting partner.

Work with an agency trusted by thousands of established brands and startups.


Fast Growing



Affiliate Partners utilize their business network as a source of referrals to C Squared Social’s innovative Blueprint product. When your referral purchases a Blueprint from C Squared Social, you get a referral fee as a reward!

Sign up HERE then get familiar with C Squared Social’s Blueprint by visiting so you know who in your network would benefit from it.

You will receive a unique referral code upon sign-up of the C Squared Social affiliate program. Provide this code to your referrals and they will input it on the checkout page of Blueprint. This will ensure we know which Blueprint sale came from you.

When your referral purchases a Blueprint using your code, you earn a referral fee. If your referral purchases Blueprint you get $2,000. More details can be found in the Affiliate Program Agreement.

No, it’s a free program.

Yes, you do! You will earn a $500 referral fee on any Blueprints that your affiliates sell.

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